Evgenii Kremlev

Originally from Eastern Europe, I started climbing about nineteen years ago. Since day one found climbing to be my passion. Gaining experience by traveling and visiting many climbing destinations around Europe. As a youth I was part of climbing team and competed in number of regional and national events. Upon arrival to North America, I have been fortunate to climb and work in many climbing facilities across Canada.

I am enjoying all aspects of climbing industry. Fully engaged in commercial and competition route setting. Currently working as a Head Route Setter at Elevation Place Climbing Gym in Canmore, Alberta. Assistant coach of a competitive youth climbing team (CICS) since 2012 - 2013 season.


Great coaches have made all the difference to my experience as a climber, and I am thrilled to offer my leadership to young athletes in our community.


Nani Woollings

This is Nani’s fifth year coaching with the CICS team.

Nani grew up in Canmore, exploring the outdoors and the mountains. Early on, she trained as a gymnast and dancer, then as a teenager began climbing competitively with the Vision Junior team. She quickly became captivated with the sport and went on to attend three youth world championships.


She coached for the Canmore Vision team and then later the CICS team between university stints. Nani holds a BKin, majoring in Athletic Therapy, a MSc in Kinesiology, authoring a few publications examining climbing injury in youth, and a second MSc in Physical Therapy. She has also held a dual role with the Canadian Youth National Team as both therapist and assistant coach since 2018.

“I absolutely love working with young climbers. My goal is to help them to fall in love with the sport and to realize their potential while keeping them happy and healthy for the long term.”


Matt Lucas

Originally from Calgary, I have been climbing for over 12 years and have been coaching for 9, both in Calgary and in Canmore.


After a long youth competitive career including attending Youth World Championships and Youth Pan-Am games, I moved to Canmore and transitioned from competing to coaching, route setting, and climbing outside.


I owe a lot of where I am now as a climber and person to my youth climbing experience. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping kids push and build confidence in themselves, and I l think that climbing is the perfect avenue for that!

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